Empowering Lenders, Unlocking SME Growth

With our permeable creditworthiness metric and data-driven worflow software.

Use our workflow software to maximise your profits.

Attract more customers

We empower lenders to attract more SMEs with fair terms, fueling expansion.

Accelerate Approvals

We empower lenders to say yes with our proprietary risk-scoring Datung metric.

Manage Customers

We empower lenders to manage all your customers in one data-driven dashboard.

Our success story with lenders


More Approvals

Lakshmi Lending, a financing company based in Manila, increased SME approvals by 20% with Datung, fueling job creation in their community


Loan Volume

Datung helped Community Savings MFI unlock the tech-driven microbusiness market – increasing their loan volume by 30%

Why lenders love Datung

Seamless Integration

We work with your existing tech (handwritten ledgers to ERP solutions), maximizing the value of your current data.

Intuitive UIUX

Our workflow software makes your operations more efficient, saving you money long-term.

Secure & Compliant

Our workflow software is secured with AES-256 encryption to keep your customer data secure and compliant.

AI-Powered Processing

Decrease processing cost, freeing your team to close more deals.

A new era of data-driven lending

Datung empowers lenders to be the engine of Filipino innovation – creating jobs and fueling a stronger, more inclusive economy.

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